Welcome to Sweetp's Retro Dance School

We specialise in dances from the 1930s – 1950’s. Our current dance classes are Swing (Lindy hop) and Rock’n’Roll.

If you’re new to dancing, or new to Swing and Rock’n’Roll, there’s no need to worry, we’ve been teaching for 20 years, and cater for everyone from beginners through to the more experienced dancers.

So why not come along and have some fun!

Rock'n'Roll starting Wednesday 3rd Nov

Swing classes starting Thursday 4th Nov

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Why Dance?

There are many benefits associated with dancing (and lots of research about it).

  • Dancing Is fun!
  • It helps you get fit without being a gym junkie!
  • Can burn calories without feeling like “exercise”
    Gets you off the couch and out… I love my couch however it’s not the only great place!
  • Dancing is great for your mental health.
  • Is social!!! You meet people.
  • Can give you a “mental break” from the screen, life, worries etc. and can help you unwind.
  • Dancing can make you happier..,. it can trigger the release of endorphins which can boost your mood!
  • You learn a new skill.
  • And the music is great.

What's Swing?

There are now many types of swing… West Coast, East Coast, Western etc. The original swing is Lindy Hop which is the style we teach. 
The Lindy Hop evolved in the 1930’s in response to the rising popularity of the fabulous sound of big bands and swing rhythms. It’s history is most famously known through the stories about the Savoy ballroom, as well as the wonderful dance scenes in the Hollywood movies, involving dancers such as Frankie Manning and Whitey’s Hoppers, Dean Collins and Jean Veloz just to name a few.
Lindy Hop consist mainly of 8 count and 6 count footwork patterns. These footwork patterns include triple steps, step step, kick steps, holds and lots of variations.
If you like the music of the Glenn Miller Orchestra, Count Basie Orchestra, Louis Prima, Cab Calloway or more recent musicians such as Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Royal Crown Revue, then this could be the dance for you.

The video clip below is of the famous “Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers” dancing a very very fast Lindy Hop in the movie Hellzapoppin.

What's Rock 'n' Roll?

From the early 1950’s music started to change. As the music started to evolve so did dancing… which led to new styles of dancing including Rock’n’Roll.
The basics in Rock’n’Roll dancing start with a 6 count of slow, slow, quick, quick… or quick, quick, slow, slow. Note the style we do here is different to the “Acrobatic Rock’n’Roll” which is quite popular for example in Europe.
So if you love the music of singers such as Elvis Presley, Buddy Hollie, Ritchie Valens or bands such as the Crystals, The Del-Satins or Bill Haley and the Comets then Rock’n’Roll dancing could be perfect for you!!!
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